Padrinos y Madrinas Jolt Program

Your steadfast commitment to grassroots, Latino-led organizing in the state of Texas is fueling the movement for progressive change. 

Monthly giving is the most convenient way to ensure your contributions go to work for progressive change all year long. Our Padrinos y Madrinas are the backbone of our grassroots movement for change in Texas. Together, we’re building a progressive decade with Latino leaders at the helm. 

By joining Padrinos y Madrinas you are joining a community of supporters who care about building a better democracy in Texas.

Join today with your monthly gift! 

Your donation will be automatically charged to your credit card each month and applied directly to our critical work. Padrinos y Madrinas members can upgrade, change, or cancel their membership at any time by contacting Development Associate Sarah Chavez at You can also manage your subscription, payment information, and contact preferences through our self-service portal.

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