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Arriba Las Mujeres believes in building a network of civically engaged Latinx womxn in Texas through an immersive art and leadership training program. We invest in empowering womxn to harness their creativity and leadership skills to become visual storytellers for their communities.

This is a summer program open to young Latinx womxn and people who self-identify as womxn, who are between 18-22 years old, across Texas. Arriba Las Mujeres gives young womxn the opportunity to engage with five core issues that are key to creating transformative change for Latinx in Texas: Good jobs and climate justice, healthcare for everyone, education for all, respect for immigrant families and protecting voting rights.

At the end of the program, all participants will have the opportunity to meet and network with members of other organizations across the state that are working directly on these issues.

Arriba Las Mujeres was created to take back the Latinx narrative and encourage members of our community to become involved in telling our story and elevating our community in a positive light. Twenty five applicants will be chosen by Jolt’s selection committee and will begin the program virtually by May 30.

Each participant who successfully completes the program will be awarded a $500 stipend. An additional childcare stipend is also available, upon request. 

Program Start Date: June 11th
Program End Date: August 6th with a tentative in-person gathering.


How will participating in Arriba Las Mujeres help participants become a storyteller for their community?

Each participant will be trained by a Jolt Artist in Residence on the skills needed to create short films that elevate and showcase the Latinx community in a positive light.

What is the Arriba Las Mujeres program committed to?

Arriba Las Mujeres is an issue-based program that brings to light how specific issues directly impact the Latinx community in Texas, including good jobs and climate justice, healthcare for everyone, education for all, respect for immigrant families and protecting voting rights.

What will Arriba Las Mujeres program participants do?

Arriba Las Mujeres participants are changemakers who will plan an action around one of Jolt’s 5 core issues to encourage awareness and enable community change.

How long is the program?

The Arriba Las Mujeres program runs for eight weeks, from June 11 to August 7, 2021. Program participants will meet 7 times throughout this time period both virtually and in-person.

Is the program only open to women/Latinas/people who live in Texas?

The Arriba Las Mujeres program is open to any person who self-identifies as a Latinx woman or any person who self-identifies as a woman and is committed to uplifting the Latinx community in Texas. 

Participants must be Texas residents.

What dates will the sessions take place?

Virtual sessions:

  • June 11-12
  • June 26
  • July 3rd
  •  July 30

In-person viewing sessions:

  • August 6-7 

Bonus webinar sessions: 

  • July 20 — What’s Your Leadership Style?
  • July 22 — Camino a la Fortuna
  • July 24 — Journaling: Keeping Up with your Mental Health

Are participants required to attend all the sessions?

It is mandatory to attend all scheduled sessions in order for participants to receive the $500 stipend by Jolt.
Additionally, participants are required to attend at least two bonus sessions out of three. 

Participants who do not attend all sessions, including two of the three bonus sessions, are not eligible to receive the $500.

Do participants need to be proficient in videography?

No! Our Artist in Resident will provide introductory-level training for all participants and will guide and support participants through the entire process.

How much does it cost to apply?

The Arriba Las Mujeres program is free.

Does the program offer financial support for participants to travel for the in-person sessions?

All participants will receive stipends to cover travel expenses incurred for the last session.
Additionally, sleeping accommodations will be provided by Jolt Initiative.

Is this program ADA compliant?

Yes. Jolt Initiative will make sure closed captioning is available during every virtual session, and will also make a sign language interpreter available during the in-person session.

If participants have specific accommodation needs, please reach out to our program manager to ensure the specific accommodations are provided.

Will childcare be available?

The Arriba Las Mujeres program can provide a childcare stipend, upon request, to help ensure participants can be fully engaged in the programming and participate in the sessions.

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