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Job Announcement: Culture and Events Manager

ABOUT Jolt Initiative Jolt Initiative is a Texas-based multi-issue organization that builds a stronger democracy and Texas by lifting up the power, voice and vote of Latinos. Jolt Initiative knows that our democracy works best when everyone gets a seat at the table. That’s why Jolt Initiative builds the leadership capacity of young Latinos to mobilize their peers to action. Jolt Initiative lifts up the voices of Latino millennials to tell their own stories through creative acts of resistance, like the Migration is Sweet! selfie station, Poderosa mural, and Quinceañera at the Capitol, which collectively reached over 50 million Americans. Jolt Initiative seeks build culture shift strategy and counter narrative to the dominant forces that currently depict the Latino community in Texas as dangerous outsiders, through voting, art, culture and storytelling.

Jolt Initiative was founded in November 2016 by Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez, a nationally recognized civil rights leader. Cristina was named “Hero of the New South” by Southern Living Magazine, and her work has been featured on NPR, Vogue, The New York Times, MTV, USA Today, Univision, MSNBCs Up Late with Alec Baldwin, among others. Jolt Initiative is a young organization with big dreams about what is possible in Texas. Our vision has made national headlines and has spurred increased investment into our work- which is why we are hiring talented people to join our growing team.

ABOUT THE POSITION The Culture and Events Manager will help oversee all the cultural, logistical and major communications needs for Jolt Initiative’s #Quincepower campaign. A successful Culture and Events Manager will be outgoing and able to motivate people to action. They will spend much of their time out in the field, building relationships with vendors and artists, and managing the Advisory Board to expand the reach of the campaign.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

● Book a high volume of quinceañers using a variety of tactics, including but not limited to:

○ Contracting artists and influencers to expand the reach of the campaign and to provide technical assistance

○ Connecting with quince venues, DJs, cadets, and beauty experts to connect with additional quinceañeras

○ Attending quince expos across the state of Texas

○ Working in partnership with the Jolt Communications Director to speak to press about the opportunity

● Manage the #Quincepower advisory board that includes communications professionals, Quinceañera industry leaders and community leaders

● Prepare and issue appropriate branding and public information on the campaign including website, digital and hard-copy

● Hold regular meetings with the quinceañera and her family to ensure a smooth event

● Serve as Day-of Coordinator responsible for ensuring successful event attendee experience, including seamless communication and training of team members.

● Ensure compliance with budgetary, contractual, insurance, legal, health and safety obligations.

● Track progress towards goals using internal tracking documents and report to leadership on a regular basis

● Execute all major aspects of event management from planning through completion for performances and other events from small to large.


● Excellent organizational, time-management, oral and written communications skills

● Experience managing volunteers

● Proficiency in Google Sheets, Google Docs, and WordPress. Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign and Photoshop) a plus.

● Bachelor’s Degree in Event Management, Business Development or Communications preferred.

● Minimum of three (3) years of event planning for cultural, community or for-profit events planning.

● Strong interpersonal, and communication skills, and the ability to execute with a high degree of professionalism and excellence, especially under pressure.

● Requires a flexible schedule with weekend and evening work.

● Ability to travel as needed and reliable transportation.

● Experience working with underrepresented and/or diverse communities.

● Background check required.

Location: Dallas or Houston, Texas.

Job Type: Full-time, salaried exempt position.

Compensation: Salary commensurate with education and experience. Jolt’s benefit package includes full employer-covered health care, employer match retirement contribution up to 2%, employer-provided life insurance policy, monthly cell phone reimbursement, and 23 paid days off, plus additional benefits.

To Apply Please submit your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in the position, with your name and the job title in the subject line to

About the campaign Jolt Initiative is partnering with thousands of young Latinas to uplift a new quinceañera tradition- voting to protect one’s family and community. When we use the power of Latino culture we can shape the narrative, reach of millions of Latinos and build long-term voting power to win our community the dignity and respect we deserve. The Cultural and Events manager will help build broad community support for the campaign, work with influencers, and Jolt Initiative’s communications department to execute the campaign.

Every year there are an estimated 50,000 Quinceañeras held across Texas, bringing millions of Latinos together. Quinceañeras are a rite of passage for young Latinas- honoring their transition from girlhood to womanhood. They not are not just celebrations, but honor a young woman’s future duties and responsibilities to her family and community.


Quinceañeras are one of the most important, respected and honored traditions in Latino culture. Traditionally, quinceañeras focus on duty and honoring family and community, but they also lend themselves to the formation of new traditions like voting, a basic duty and action one young woman can take in defense of family and community. In Texas, 95% percent of Latinos under the age of 18 are U.S. citizens and will soon be eligible to vote. Over the next decade nearly 2 million Latinos will turn 18 in the state. Through their numbers and votes, young Latinos have the power to build a stronger democracy in Texas and the country. However, demographics alone are not destiny, and young people and Latinos are still least likely to vote in the country. Increasing the civic participation of millions of Latinos in Texas requires employing cultural shift and behavioral change strategies that are rooted in and owned by Latino community members, #Quincepower is such a strategy.

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