Census Poster Contest

Jolt is harnessing the power of art to mobilize the largest number of Latino census-takers in Texas history as part of our Contamos/We Count campaign.

Submissions for this contest are closed. 

The census is a once-in-a-decade opportunity for Texans to secure resources and representation for their families. Data is used to decide where federal funds will be allocated, redraw legislative boundaries, and increase a state’s electoral college votes.

We’re inviting artists from across the state of Texas to enter our #Contamos Poster Contest and inspire young people of color and their families to complete the census. It’s a chance to be involved in a campaign that only happens once every 10 years.

Poster submissions will be exhibited across Texas to energize and inspire young people of color to become active members of our democracy. Our aim is to teach them the opportunities and benefits afforded to their communities by participating in the census. 

A panel of accomplished Latino artists will select a first prize winner to receive a $1,000 cash prize. The second place winner will receive a cash prize of $500.

  • Cash Prizes: $1,000 & $500 (1st, 2nd)
  • Jolt will print artwork and distribute it to its student chapters and organizations across Texas. 
  • The Communications Director will work to generate earned media coverage for contest winners.  
  • Select posters will also be available for download on jolttx.org.
  1. Must be a Texas native or residing in Texas to participate in the contest. Texan-born applicants who are residing in different states or countries will be considered as well.
  2. Age Requirement: This competition is open to all artists 14 years of age or older.
  3. The Work Must Be Original: You must be the creator of the art and image file. Your art must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else’s copyrighted material. (If your image infringes upon another’s copyright it will be disqualified.) Upon submitting your work to this competition, you are solely responsible for any infringement on copyrighted materials.
  4. Repeat Entries: There is no restriction on entering art that has been entered to previous competitions.
  5. Copyright: The artist retains all copyrights to their artwork without exception.
  6. Non-exclusive Permissions: By entering this art competition, you are granting us a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce images of your artwork, and in the marketing of the art competitions to the general public. Artworks will not be used for any other purpose than that which is stated here. All winning entries will be displayed on the jolttx.org website. Each entry becomes part of the public, historical / archival online contest catalog. It can be removed at a later date upon request.
  7. File Sizes and Formats: Your images are best represented at 3150×4200 pixels and at a resolution of 300dpi. We are asking for a 18×24 poster. The acceptable file formats are: jpg, gif, and png.
  8. Original Work: We reserve the right to request proof that your entry is your original artwork created solely by you. Non-compliance to this rule will be a disqualification of your entry.
  9. Multiple Submission: There are no restrictions to the number of contests an artist can submit work to, nor the number of pieces they can submit, nor the number of prizes they can win.
  10. Submission Deadlines: Artworks may be submitted up until midnight Eastern Standard Time on the last day of the submission schedule posted. No artworks will be accepted past the posted deadline.
  11. Taxes: Winners shall be solely responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes.
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